Kawai 53" K-800 Upright Piano | Ebony Polish | New
Kawai 53" K-800 Upright Piano | Ebony Polish | New

Kawai 53" K-800 Upright Piano | Ebony Polish | New

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Kawai 53" K-800 Upright Piano ' Ebony Polish

The 53" K-800 is the epitome of upright piano craftsmanship. Its elegant form and exceptional tone will fulfill the needs of any professional teaching studio or intimate performance setting.

* Height: 53" (134 cm)
* Width: 60" (153 cm)
* Depth: 26" (65 cm)
* Weight: 626 lbs (284 kg)


The industry-leading K-800 Professional Upright Piano embodies Kawai's long legacy of combining old-world craftsmanship and bold innovation to provide ultimate piano performance. The revolutionary Millennium III Upright Action delivers an ultra-responsive touch and feel that offers pianists extraordinary dynamic range and control. Plus, its stately cabinet design features sleek lines and delicate accents that will enhance any room. Built with performance in mind, the K-800 K Series Upright Piano will satisfy every musical requirement of the professional teaching studio or smaller performance venue.


* Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites
* Agraffes ensure accuracy in string alignment, spacing and angles to produce greater uniformity, enhanced tone, smoother tuning and consistent "speaking length" for each note.
* Full Duplex Scale (upper and lower) enhances harmonics in the treble range, adding brilliance and richness to the piano's tone.
* Royal George Hammer Felt
* True Sostenuto Pedal
* Grand-Style "Hard Finish" Music Rack
* NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces
* Double Felted, Mahogany Core Hammers
* Height Adjustable Bench


Size Height 53" (134 cm)
Width 60" (153 cm)
Depth 26" (65 cm)
Weight 626 lbs (284 kg)
Touch White Key Surfaces NEOTEX™
Black Key Surfaces NEOTEX™
Action Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites
Hammer Felts All Underfelted
Sound Soundboard Solid Spruce, Tapered
Speaking Length of No.1 String 50.4" (1280 mm)
Contour Bars 2
Agraffes ✔
Duplex Scaling Fore & Back
Back Posts 6
Exterior Design Pedals Soft, Sostenuto, Damper
Front Casters Double, Brass
Fallboard Grand Style (41" L x 13" H), "Soft Fall" Closing System
Lock ✔
Other Features Grand Piano Style Music Rack (Hard Finish)
Steel Reinforced Keyslip & Keybed
Sostenuto Pedal Model Is Available Depending on Market Area.


To ensure your peace of mind and protect the value of your investment, every Kawai upright piano is covered by our Ten Year Fully Transferable Warranty. This warranty is the seal of Kawai craftsmanship-and the assurance of your satisfaction for many years to come.

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