Experience Innovation and Unrivaled Quality

Kawai Pianos: Advanced Technology Meets Unbeatable Value

Why to Choose Kawai:

Choose Kawai and step into the future of pianos, a world where tradition meets advanced technology. With an illustrious history spanning nearly a century, Kawai is renowned for its innovative spirit, marrying cutting-edge technology with handcrafted precision. Each Kawai piano is a technological marvel, featuring our patented Millenium III Action, a revolutionary piano action design crafted from composite materials that lend a superb touch and unparalleled responsiveness. It's no wonder Kawai was awarded the 2022 Music Merchandise Review (MMR) 'Acoustic Piano Line of the Year'.

Value, and Unforgettable Music

"I played it and decided that this was the piano.. It was a Kawai."

-Steven Curtis Chapman

When it comes to securing more for your money, Kawai pianos stand unrivaled. We believe in delivering superior value without compromise, a commitment reflected in the glowing reviews from notable musicians.

"It's absolutely amazing. The top two feet of the keys are so clear. They sound better than any piano I've ever played."

-Michael Silverman

Invest in Kawai, and experience the perfect balance of innovation, affordability, and superior craftsmanship. Make your music with Kawai - where every note counts.


Don't let your chance to own a piano that lasts a lifetime slip through your fingers. Join the ranks of discerning pianists worldwide who choose Kawai. Before investing in a Yamaha U1, Steinway Model D, or any other brand, explore the exceptional quality and unmatched value of Kawai. With our innovative technology and renowned craftsmanship, Kawai isn't just a purchase, it's a lifelong musical partnership.