Kawai Piano Gallery of OHIO

Emergency Liquidation

of pianos from a NYC piano store is coming to the Kawai Factory Warehouse!

Get first Picks!

The Kawai Piano Company has repossessed the inventory of a New York piano store and is having an emergency liquidation of each and every piano immediately.

This sale is HUGE! If you're looking for the best pianos in Ohio, this is the time to buy. Every piano must go, and you won't find prices like these anywhere else!

Call 888-201-0471 or fill the form on this page to get a list of our remaining pianos and their pricing today!

In addition to an extensive range of Kawai pianos, you'll also have the opportunity to choose from previously loaned institutional pianos, baby grand pianos, professional upright pianos, consoles, brand-new hybrid pianos, and performance-level digital pianos.

Incredible selection of used grands, digital, and upright pianos to view and purchase! Kawai America has also authorized the addition of brand-new factory-boxed inventory with additional factory incentives.