Piano Control In The Palm Of Your Hand! | Kawai Virtual Technician Review | Kansas and St Louis

Kawai Pianos Virtual Technician brings the adjustability and access typically reserved to high end pianos and in person technicians to their digital pianos. Adjust the feel of the action on the keyboard, enjoy sampled and virtualized samples and capture the nuance of the adjustments not previously available. Ted and Patrick walk through the app settings while demonstrating the adjustments available from the app. 

The Virtual Technician app is currently supported by the following Kawai instruments:

CS Series: CS11, CS8
CA Series: CA58, CA48, CA28 | CA97, CA67, CA17
CN Series: CN39, CN29 | CN37, CN27, CN17 | CN35, CN25 | CN14
KDP Series: KDP110, KDP70
ES Series: ES8, ES110 | ES100

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