Blending of Traditional Craftsmanship and Bold Innovation: the Kawai K-300

Continuing the illustrious legacy of the K-3, distinguished as MMR Magazine's “Acoustic Piano of the Year” for four years, the Kawai K-300 emerges as a model of unparalleled piano craftsmanship. With the exclusive Millennium III Upright Action, recognized globally as one of the premier upright actions, this instrument empowers pianists, providing control and responsiveness through extended key lengths. Beyond its exceptional touch, the K-300 unveils a high-quality solid spruce soundboard, tapered to optimize tone production, delivering a resonant sound across a dynamic spectrum.

Join us in revealing the exquisite features that make the Kawai K-300 a masterpiece in the world of pianos.

NEOTEX Key Surfaces and Millennium III Upright Action

Experience the pinnacle of piano touch technology with the Kawai K-300. NEOTEX Key Surfaces, designed for optimum touch, replicate the smooth texture of natural ivory and ebony using exclusive cellulose fiber. Ensuring a consistent touch across the entire keyboard, NEOTEX contributes to an unparalleled piano experience, enhancing responsiveness and overall performance.

Complementing this innovation is the Millennium III Upright Action, precisely crafted with carbon composite materials to guarantee an ultra-responsive touch, providing pianists with unmatched control and musical expression. The extended key length and longer keys foster a more even response across the entire playing surface, amplifying the impact of every note.

Captivating Tones, Artistry in Soundboard, and Contour Bars

Unfolding a symphony of dynamic tones, the Kawai K-300 is conducted by a solid spruce soundboard, tapered for maximum tone-producing capabilities. This strategic design enables the piano to project a rich and pleasing tone with an expansive dynamic range, captivating with expressive prowess.

The soundboard, crafted from carefully selected straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce, exceeds the highest quality standards. Complemented by tuning pins made from fine steel, enhancing both aesthetics and long-term durability, these precision components contribute to the piano's exceptional tuning stability and longevity.

A distinguishing feature of the K-300 is the incorporation of Contour Bars. These bars ingeniously reshape the speaking area of the soundboard, mirroring the contour of a grand piano. This innovative design channels sound energy into the center creating heightened tonal power and sustain.

Timeless Elegance and Enduring Performance in Modern Design

Displaying a modern design philosophy, the Kawai K-300 melds innovative ideas with state-of-the-art technology. Its square form and dynamic lines serve functional and aesthetic purposes, making it a captivating visual statement. Beyond its musical prowess, the K-300 becomes a centerpiece in any space, blending modern design with the timeless artistry of music.

This musical piece guarantees enduring performance. Multi-laminated back posts and a "matched strength" iron plate provide a robust foundation, ensuring the stability of tone and touch over time. These elements support string tension, contributing to the piano's outstanding tonal characteristics.

The Kawai K-300 upright piano is a true technological innovation with precise touch and captivating tones. Immerse yourself in the realm of musical artistry, where each note echoes the legacy of Kawai's commitment to excellence. In the Kawai K-300, witness the convergence of technology and tradition, resulting in an instrument that promises an extraordinary playing experience.