A Grand Experience with the Kawai GL-40 Grand Piano

Exceptional artistry comes to life in the design of the Kawai GL-40 Grand Piano. From touch to tone and strength, this instrument sets new standards for pianists and enthusiasts alike.


The Kawai GL-40 has a Millennium III action, a piano feature wonder of engineering that improves your playing. Crafted from ABS-Carbon, this composite material combines the strength of carbon fiber with the renowned ABS Styran. The result showcases a  lighter yet more distinguished action for precision and control like never before.

Longer keys and concert-length buttons offer a playing surface that responds evenly from front to back. The taller profile ensures optimum energy transfer, allowing your musical expression to flourish.


The soundboard, often called the heart of a piano, transforms string vibrations into a resonant, rich tone. Kawai's GL series soundboards, made from straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce, are strategically tapered to ensure excellent resonance in each region. Only soundboards meeting stringent resonance standards make it into GL grand pianos.

The GL-40 boasts the exclusive CORE System, where strength centers converge to create a core foundation. This focus maximizes inner rim reflection for astonishing tonal power and sustain.


The SOLID (Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design) construction provides a remarkably rigid foundation to withstand string tension. The pin block integrates seamlessly with the plate and over-lapping stretcher bar, forming a solid structure anchored to the rim. This framework ensures stable tuning and a powerful, consistent tone.

The acoustically neutral iron superstructure, known as the plate, is molded using the Vacuum Mold Process (V-Pro) with the clever "Crossbone Design." The outcome is strength, stability, and a visually stunning plate that complements the piano's elegance.

Ready to explore the grandeur of the Kawai GL-40? Watch our YouTube review for an in-depth look at this remarkable instrument and experience a world of musical possibilities.


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