Kawai K-500 51" AURES ATX4 Hybrid AnyTime Upright Piano - Ebony Polish | New

Kawai K-500 51" AURES ATX4 Hybrid AnyTime Upright Piano - Ebony Polish | New

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Kawai K-500 51" AURES ATX4 AnyTime Upright Piano - Ebony Polish

The combination of power, dynamic range, and tonal richness makes the K-500 upright piano one of the most sought-after upright pianos in the world. Featuring the revolutionary Kawai Millennium III Upright Action, the K-500 upright piano delivers an ultra-responsive touch offering pianists extraordinary dynamic range and control. Complementing this exceptional touch is a rich, resounding tone that resonates from its high-quality solid spruce soundboard allowing for profound musical expression. Crafted to deliver the finest performance in an upright piano, the K Series K-500 is well-equipped to meet the demands of any professional teaching studio.

Height: 51" (130 cm)
Width: 59" (149 cm)
Depth: 24.5" (62 cm)
Weight: 525 lbs (238 kg)

• Based on professional Kawai acoustic upright/grand pianos
• Advanced acoustic piano muting systems for silent playing
• Flagship SK-EX Rendering multi-channel digital piano sound
• Flexible Virtual Technician function with 21 adjustable parameters
• Premium audio processing and headphone amp technology
• Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio wireless connectvity
• Dedicated PianoRemote control app for iOS and Android
• Developed under supervision from Master Piano Artisans

Action: Millenium III
Key Surface: NEOTEX
Hammer Core: Mahogany
Hammer Felt: with underfelt

Max. String Length: 1230 mm
Sound Board Material: Solid Spruce, Tapered
Sound Board Size: 1,45 m²
Rips: 11
Back Posts: 5
Duplex Scale: Fore
Key Lid: Softfall
Lock: yes
Casters: Double, Brass
Pedals: Soft, Muffler, Damper
Tone Spreader: yes

Sensors: Integrated Hammer Sensing System (IHSS), optical sensors
Velocity Curves: Light 1-4, Normal, Heavy 1-4, Off

Sound Source: 88 key Multi-Channel Piano Sampling, 88 key Resonance Modelling + Harmonic Imaging XL 88 key Sampling
Sounds: 90
Polyphony: 256 notes max.
Virtual Technician: Touch Curve, Voicing, Resonance Depth1, Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, String Resonance, Undamped String Resonance, Cabinet Resonance, Key-off Effect,Fall-Back Noise, Hammer Noise, Hammer Delay, Topboard, Decay Time, Release Time, Minimum Touch, Stretch Tuning, Temperament, Temperament Key, Key Volume, Half-Pedal Adjust, Soft Pedal Depth, Tuning, Damper Hold
Keyboard Modes: Dual Mode, Split Mode, 4-hand Mode (HI-XL Sounds only, incl. Volume/Balance adjustment)
Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral
Effects: 24 Types: Chorus x 3, Delay x 3, Tremolo x 3, Autopan x 2, Phaser x 2, Rotary x 6, Combination x 5
Tuning: Equal (Piano Only), Pure (Major), Pure (Minor), Pythagorean, Meantone, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Equal (Flat), Equal (Stretch), USER

Metronome/Beats: 10 Beat Types + 100 Rhythm Pattern, Tempo and Volume adjustable
Recorder: Available with PianoRemote App
Lesson Function: Alfred's Premier Piano Course Lesson 1A Alfred's Premier Piano Course Lesson 1B Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A, Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1B, Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book Level 1, Burgmüller 25 (25 Etudes Faciles, Opus 100), Czerny 30 (Etudes de Mécanisme, Opus 849), Czerny 100 (Hundert Übungsstücke, Opus 139), Beyer 106 (Vorschule im Klavierspiel, Opus 101), J.S. Bach: Inventionen, Sonatinen Album 1, Chopin Walzer (Chopin waltzes series 1-19), Chopin Etüden (Opus 10 Urtext)
Piano Music Songs: 204
Demo Songs: 39

Display: Operation with PianoRemote App
Bluetooth: Bluetooth (Version 4.1; GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI specifikation conform, Bluetooth Audio (Version 3.0, Profil: A2DP, Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX)
Registrations: unlimited with PianoRemote App
USB Functions: USB MIDI, USB Update
Other Features: Tone Control, Wall EQ, Low Volume Balance, Speaker Volume, Spatial Headphone Sound, Headphone Type, Headphone Volume, Line In Volume, Bluetooth MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI Device Name, Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth Audio Volume, MIDI Channel, Local On/Off, Transmit Program Change, Multi-timbral Mode, Channel Mute, Reset Sounds, Reset Music, Factory Reset, Auto Power Off, Language, System Information
Sound System

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